Reading Henri Lefebvre's Rhythmanalysis

“No camera, no image or series of images can show these rhythms. It requires equally attentive eyes and ears, a head and a memory and a heart.” (Lefebvre 36)

The Ignored Philosopher and Social Theorist: On the Work of Henri Lefebvre by Stanley Aronowitz (2007).

Further reading

„A linear series of imperatives and gestures repeats itself cyclically. These are the phases of dressage. (…) [T]he resumptions of the cycle [reprises cycliques] depend less on a sign or a signal than on a general organisation of time. Therefore of society, of culture.“ (Lefebvre 39)

Rhythms, rhythms. They reveal and they hide. Much more diverse than in music (…). The rhythms of the city. (Lefebvre 36)

Sounds of biking

“The rhythm that is proper to capital is the rhythm of producing (everything:things, men, people, etc.) and destroying (through wars, through progress, through inventions and brutal interventions, through speculation, etc.).” (Lefebvre 55)